Re: EMF Problems?

Hello Coilers,
        Kevin Conkey said:
>My cousin, who recently has gone through bone marrow transplant for blood
>cancer, was asking me if being in an intence rf field around large Tesla
>could cause any harm?  I said that I never even thought about it. I am not
>refering to XRAY or light emissions. Does anyone out there know about the
>effects of RF fields and the human body?

        There has been a lot of anecdotal evidence written regarding the
bio-effects of electric and magnet fields at various frequencies.  This has
been studied extensively, and no conclusions have yet been reached as I
understand it.  There is an excellent summary which is available on the 'net
at the URL:


        This FAQ is written in 8 parts and is quite extensive with an
excelllent bibliography.  It is regularly updated.  If you are outside the
U.S., get Part 1 and look at the end of it to locate a mirror site closer to
your location.  You may also want to look at related documents pointed to by
this FAQ.
        This question often arises when working near high voltages or in the
presence of strong electric or magnetic fields.  Coilers may want to take a
look at this FAQ to familiarize themselves with this topic.

Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Ph.D.