Re: St. Elmo Burgers

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>Subject: St. Elmo Burgers
[technical snip]

>The resultant discharge will be a large Type 3.  Before I deliver it I propose to
>hang a plastic tarp around the top terminal to protect the coil system from 
>drips, and have a weenie roast using bamboo sticks!  We're gonna call 'em St.
>Elmo Burgers!  I expect local fellow coiler Jeffrey Wiggins will be there.
>All other coilers are welcomed too!  This party should be sometime in 
>late September.  E-mail me personally if you think you can make it.  
>I'm 40 minutes northeast of Oshawa, Ontario, near a little place called 
>Janetville.  If this happens, my present pride and joy, MTC will be 
>set up as well.  It'll be a kindof a Teslathon, with eats.
	what no smoors! (toasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham
crackers)  You have to include smoors to test the HF heating effects
of the coil;)

good eating,