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<< I use .180  dia. W electrodes monted in aluminum rods 5/8" in diameter on 
 maggy 11's series rotary gap.  They are captured by aluminum mounts which 
 are themselves mounted on heat resistant fiber glass.  They get so hot 
 (~700 deg F)  that they dis-color the fiberglass two inches away from the 
 rod!  I use about 5-8KW normally.  I have used 10KW on this gap once or 
 twice and the Tungsten got almost white hot on the tips and a white ring 
 of flame was seen as the gap spun.  (It had reached its limit)  I would 
 limit your gap and system to about 5-7KW with 1/8 W rod electrodes.  The 
 fan action of the rotor will cool about as good as an auxiliary fan.
 Richard Hull, TCBOR >>


I have constructed a  rotary gap using the .125" tungston rods also.

I have wondered if routing a blast of compressed air to each side of the
rotary gap would help cool it, and would it help to quench it at all?

Kevin M. Conkey

[Well, with the fan action of the rotor, you could rigidly suspend the rods
 or rod holders in such a manner that the air can pass around them.  Then 
 put some inlet holes near the hub.  The result (speculating) is a blast of
 air around the electrodes. -- Chip]