Re: Rebuilding a neon

>From: Mike Hammer <mhammer-at-midwest-dot-net>
>To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
>Subject: Re: Rebuilding a neon
>>The shunts are the pieces of the main core on either side of the
>>primary. They are part of the main 'E' core. This 'E' has 2 small legs
>>in it.  They are not separate pieces.
>>	jim
>OK I figured I would have to disassemble the core a layer at 
>a time. The location of the shunts had me confused. So if I want
>to remove a couple of shunts to boost current slightly do I just saw
>a couple off the main core? Or does that not work with this type
>of transformer?

	Cut or bend them out of the way. Just try not to leave any of
the laminations shorting together. Shorting the laminations will
increase the eddy currents in the core and waste power.