secondary coil insulation

Does anyone on the Tesla list know what would be a good high voltage
coating for the secondary coil? I,m looking for something that will
have low dielectric losses. I was thinking about useing epoxy resin as
a coating. Am I barking up the wrong tree?

[ I'm replying here because of convenience and because I can, not because I
 feel that my opinion is better, more important, etc.
 I suggest a product that you can find in the paint and varnish section
 of your hardware store.  It's Behr Super Gloss Build 50, which is a two
 part water clear coating.  It smells like epoxy as I recall, and can put 
 on a 50 mil coating in one shot (hence the name).  If you used a
 mechanical apparatus to turn your secondary, put the coil back on it,
 start it turning, and put the mixed up stuff on it, and let it rotate for
 about 4 hours while it cures.

 For performance reasons a coating is not necessary according to several
 people on this list.  Others feel otherwise.  My personal opinion is that
 I need it because I'm more likely to drop, scuff, nick, or otherwise
 injure the coil, so a good 50 mil armor coat is necessary. -- Chip ]