Re: stepped leaders

>From: "Robert W. Stephens" <rwstephens-at-ptbo.igs-dot-net>
>To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
>Subject: Re: stepped leaders
>Malcolm wrote:
>>     Just like to say thanks for listening to the above verbosity. I
>>promise I've said my last word on this.
I hope not. If you keep you mouth shut how will we exchange ideas?
Science IS founded on the open exchange of ideas!

>I think Malcolm should be applauded for his extra efforts which he 
>goes to in order to understand the intimate goings on behind Tesla coil 
>operation, and his generosity in then sharing with all of us, 
>that understanding which he has laboriously gleaned.  Thanks Malcolm!
>Regards, rwstephens
Cheer, Cheer! I second that motion.

[from a previous-or-later post, your postmaster may vary;) ]

>New thought - I closely examined a photo of an attached arc from my
>coil. After banjo-ing and rising for a while, the spark was rather 

	I'm having trouble visualizing the "banjo" effect. Does any
one have pictures that they could make internet accessible that shows
this effect?