Re: stepped leaders

>From: Richard Hull <hullr-at-whitlock-dot-com>
>To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
>Subject: Re: stepped leaders
>> One of my unanswered questions: is the output voltage of the TC
>> secondary: a) strictly the input voltage multiplied by the turns
>> ration of the secondary to primary? b)input voltage multiplied by the
>> turns ratio multiplied further by the 1/4 wave transmission line
>> properties of the secondary? or c)some combination?  I am waiting to
>> measure this until I can build some type of metering scheme; field
>> mill or HV resistive divider.
>> If the answer is b or c, then the voltage across the spark gap is much
>> greater under no load conditions than under a loaded condition because
>> the reflected wave is of greater voltage that the simple turns ratio
>> would provide and is transformed backwards only by the simple
>> transformer action of the secondary:primary.
>> Any thoughts on the transmission line voltage multiplication effect?
>>         Regards,
>>         jim
>The Corums have been on this angle for years now!  The TC step up, of 
>course, has never had anything to do with the turns count or ratio.
>Resonant rise never works that way.  The Corums have produced elegant and 
>eloquent, mathematically rigorous papers for the transmission line/VSWR 
>voltage multiplication method.  (you have to get the back issues of the 
>proceedings of the ITS Symposia).
>Richard Hull, TCBOR
I'll look for my copy of their Vacuum tube TC book, then get their ITS