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> Hi all,
>         I'm new to tesla coil building. I would like to start my first coil
> but I living in a small town with limited resources. I have checked all the
> local stores and can find almost all that is needed for a first coil. The two
> concerns that I have are the driver and HV transformer. First, does each
> driver need to be custom built for each coil? or can on driver controll
> several different coils. If one driver can controll several different coils
> where can I get plans for one that will last.  Second where are the best
> places you have found to buy transformers? I am like many colledge students
> w/ more time than money and want to get all the building correct the first
> time. Thanks in advance for any imput and or suggestions.
> Nathan Howard
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> Do you intend to build a tube or solid state coil?  If not, I'm not sure
> what you mean by driver.
> The Richards both suggest going to neon sign shops and going through
> their "trash" heap of dead neons.  Perhaps one of them can elaborate.

For the beginner, buy a used neon sign transformer!  the dead ones are 
usually free, but require knowledge and a lot of messy work to restore.  
The used ones should never cost more than $30.00 each!  We get ours for 
$10.00 each.  Find the right neon place and you are home free.  Chip is 
right... under no circumstances, or for any reason, at any time, purchase 
a new neon sign transformer!!!!!!  (can you say rip-off)

R. Hull. TCBOR
> Whatever you do, don't buy a new neon sign transformer until you have
> exhausted all your resources.  They are an expensive lesson in fragility.
> (I got burned this way myself :-( )  If you wish to repair one, there are
> probably several people on the list that would ship you a blown neon to
> fix and use.  All you would have to do is pay shipping.  I have a 12kV
> (60 ma I think) that I could send.

Ouch!  The shipping on a blown 60ma neon will be about twice what we 
often pay for a working used one!  You gotta be desperate to ship 
transformers!! Good luck!
R. Hull

 (I use 15kV for my system)
> Contact me privately if you wish this route (chip-at-pupman-dot-com or
> chip-at-objinc-dot-com)
> Chip