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> Julian,
>         Welcome aboard.
> > The only problem
> >this material has is that no glue/adhesive sticks to it very well,
> >making attachment of coil form ends a little bit more difficult.
> >
> "Hot Glue guns" work well for attachment to polyethylene. If you get a
> 1/2" diameter gun, you can get 1/2" polyethylene rod to use in it, and
> weld with it. (U.S. sizes, I'm not sure if poly rod and glue guns
> match up in the UK) The Hot glue does stick to the polyethylene, but
> can be removed with some scraping. Hot glue is not permanent on poly,
> but does hold fairly well.
>         cheers,
>         jim

Jim, All

Hot glue, at least the milky kind, is LDPE!  If you stick poly together 
with it and melt the poly too- (important)-  the weld-(and it is a true 
weld)- is as strong as the original material!

Richard Hull, TCBOR