Re: Skin Effect & Primary Current?

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>    Archain humor? Well I sort of thought that, but the mercury-gap
>    idea sounded like it really might be a good one.  Therefore I am
>    not surprized to read on this list that Tesla already thought of it!
    Your concern with the hazards of mercury vapour are well taken, 
    especially in our modern times and in light of what we now know
    about its toxicity.  (For instance, did you know that liquid
    mercury, which was thought not as toxic as the vapour, was once
    used as a laxative??! Horrors!) I believe that quite a bit mercury
    is still used in many places and many laboratories for legitamate
    uses (like the crowbar circuit on the 21KVDC RF plate-circuit power
    supply for the RF transmitter on our main cyclotron), but nowadays
    we are supposed to design our equipment with safety in mind, not
    like it was done long ago.  Therefore I felt your suggestion of a
    rotary paddle wheel and some mercury pooling was a nice beginning
    for a totally new, enclosed, design.  Ideas have to start somewhere
    and you're as good a start as anybody, I guess, even when you're
    trying to be a litle funny.

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