Re: 3/4 wavelength error

>From: Skip Greiner <sgreiner-at-wwnet-dot-com>
>To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
>Subject: Re: 3/4 wavelength error

>Yeah, I know, I'm strange. I run 1kw to 2 kw using a synchronous break. I 
>only get 4.5' discharges, but I'm, working on it. My primaries are only 
>about 4 turns too. Also it takes much less energy to wind a 240 turn 
>secondary. If I can do away with the toroid, I also won't have to build 
>any more donuts either. Maybe I can go into production with a real 
>cheapie TC.
	I knew that you were using a sync break and getting very good
length discharges. I did not realize you were using such a short
length secondary and primary. What value is your primary cap? 0.02uF?

	you've perked my interest.