Re: Magnetization of Toroid

You always take your helment off when sighting through a lensatic compass
because metal will pull the needle. Try it with any piece of metal that is
magnetic, lay a piece on a table and approach it with a compass. If north is
behind you and you are walking south towards the metal as you get close the
needle will swing 180 degrees toward the metal and away from magnetic north.
It seems like a piece of steel or iron acts as an amp for the earths field.
Try this: Bend two pieces of metal coathanger so you have two pieces aprox
two feet long then bend each into 90 degree pieces. Place each one in a small
tube you can hold in your hands like handles and the other  ends stick out in
front of you level and parallel to each other about four inches apart. Walk
across your yard keeping the rods level as possible. When you cross a buried
cable or even water line the rods will swing towards each other. After you
pass they will open back up. I dont know why , they just do. You can locate
buried wires this way.   Steve.