Re: First Power Up Test

Hello Group:

	Thanks to all for the suggestions made relative to my initial tuning
procedures.  As soon as I get a chance I'll be making several changes. 
First, I will raise the strike rail to a greater distance above the
outer turn area.  This should be easy and it is not a shorted turn for
information purposes.  I have one turn with a 2-3" gap connected with a
piece of nylon tube inserted in the I.D. just to keep things aligned. 
The comment on digital meters is very appropriate, I simply got it for
free and the hamfest I attended had nothing suitable for my needs in the
way of analog meters.  Even with disc ceramic bypass caps the digital
panel meter died anyway.  There are another 5 in the junk pile at work
anyway--easy to replace!  I'm not really confident I actually saw the
correct amp draw at 4.5, that's simply when I heard the first "noise"
and stopped watching the meters!
	On a different note, yesterday I received an order for a Tektronix type
"CA" preamp to use instead of the type "D" that came with my scope.  I
won't go into the detailson the preamp differences, but what is
important is the source.  I received this unit which looks 100% brand
new from Stan Griffiths, author of the book "Selecting and Resoring a
Classic"  ( about Tek Scopes).  This preamp really looks like it was
just manufacutred about last week!  It only cost $25.00 and is worth
considerably more from my point of view.  Stan has many other Tek
components, I also purchased new handles, graticule nuts and a graticule
(plastic CRT cover plate).  These were ordered on 5/22/96 and arrived
yesterday--not fast but great quality and price.  He's an retired
Tektronix employee and has a sample of many of the Tek instrument made
in his collection.  If you need parts his e-mail is:  w7ni-at-teleport-dot-com
Good Luck!

Chuck Curran