Re: Cap Size/toroid design

Hi All,
I tried the blue insulation thing. I took the glued pieces, only 12"x3",
and attached it to an old car heater motor. Then 'turned' it using very
coarse sand paper for the initial shaping. I then covered it with alum.
tape. The thing, in my opinion, doesn't work very good since the alum.
tape pieces arc between each other. There must be different type of tape,
some with lots of insulating adhesive. My mistake must be in using pieces,
which I did to cut down on wrinkles, rather than using a single strip.
my 2 pennies,
> Here's another design that might be good (I've built it, but haven't 
> tested it on a coil yet) I've made a 20x5 toroid this way. 
> Get a sheet of that blue insulation, it's about an inch thich in sheets 
> 9x3feet as i recall (about 10$) cut out enough donuts so they will
> stack to the right size (in my case, i needed 5 20inch OD, 10inch ID ones)
> use wood glue to stick them all together. Once they are dry, use
> a nice sharp knife and carve till you have a nice toroid. It's easier
> to keep it circular if you cut yourself a guide like this:
> __________________
> |   __       __   |
> |  /  \     /  \  |
> |__|  |_____|  |__|
> which you can revolve around to make sure your circular.
> You can even sand the stuff, might be a good idea to use a mask though.
> Once your satisfied you have the right shape, cover it with the same tape
> Has anyone tried doing this ? The only concern I have about it is
> that the foam could melt/burn if there was a lot of arking (which is a GOOD 
> thing!)
> I haven't tried it out yet because I still need a bigger primary
> and more capitance to reasonate my coil, even before I put the
> terminal on it.. 
> Chris
> >Stephen, 
> >        Hi, I would like to make a sugestion on your toroid. Get some 4 inch
> >dryer duct (3 inch if your secondary is 4 inches or smaller)and make up one
> >with aluminum tape, experiment with the diameter. I think you will find that
> >it will improve your performance. My dad tried the salad bowl and could not
> >get it to work very well, we also have several nice stainless balls ranging
> >in size from about 8 inches to 15 inches and they do not work as well as the
> >dryer duct toriod. I think the stainless steel is not as conductive as the
> >aluminum(any comments on this from others?) but I dont know for sure. good
> >luck let me know how you come out.
> >
> >Brad
> >Brad McPeak
> >
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