Big tc article

Hello All,
        I have a reprint of an article that appeared in the July 1964
        Popular Electronics, called Big
TC. I am sure someone is familiar with this article.I can post the
particulars to anyone interested.  The coil uses a plate glass Cap. I
would like to build this using modern materials and theory, but keep the
old style flavor. My question is about the cap, could it be built with
rigid plastic dielectric and be used dry without melting or failing? I
intend to power it with a 9000- 60ma transformer. could polyethylene be
used with the glass to decrease disapation? Or how would Epoxy PC boards
work. I have built several small coils to date but could use some help
with this.
        One more question for the group. I am going to build a ground
        system as I have read about in
the postings here. I would like to put the rods under a wooden deck to
keep them out of the way.  The deck has a 3/4 inch Natural gas line under
it would this be a danger to the line or the deck?  (sure don't need to
blow up my house!!!) My bigest coil now uses 4- 12000- 30 ma transformers.
Any help would be appreciated.

Brad McPeak