Re: Whoa! Guys!

> Lotta quite folks out there are 
>just listening in on th' cross talk!  How many 'we got' on this list as 
>listeners, Chip?!!!

>Richard Hull, TCBOR
>[ Currently there are 204 subscribers.  I'll let you grep all the past
>  for "From:", grep -v "Tesla List" the output, sort it, run it through
uniq and then wc, 
>  then subtract that number from 204, to give the number of "listeners" :-) 
>  -- Chip "Loves Linux/UNIX" Atkinson]


I'm one of the listeners. I find that I'm a neophyte compared to the
several famous names I run across on this list. I sit back and absorb,
and hope one day to build a system worthy of the expertise made freely
available to me on this list. I truly appreciate the interplay of minds
and ideas, and am especially watchful for the safety tips so that I
might survive the experience. I have built several coils in the past, but
always by outdated information and practices. The things I have learned
on this list make me amazed that I have achieved the meager results that I
have. I truly appreciate the efforts of the great minds I encounter here,
and especially appreciate Richard Quick's selfless motives for imparting
his invaluable wisdom through experience that could have killed anyone
less attentive. I don't mean to diminish anyone else's efforts, but I read
a post several months ago explaining why Richard gives so freely of his
knowledge and experience. That, to me, is the mark of a true instructor.

Anyway, this is just to let you know that the listeners are actually
listening, and to thank all of you!

Rick Holland

The Answer is 42.