Re: Safety FAQ is here -- draft, asking for comments.

(regarding potential electrocution vs AC frequency)

I take issue with this.  I cannot provide the references now, but I 
have read in the past in professional literature that indeed it is 
nervous response that is the major factor (the other factor being that 
you could literally burn up if enough power is dissipated in your 

> What you are describing is a classic example of the SKIN effect at
> work :)  NOT to be confused with voltage. 10:1 the 30kV was at 60Hz.
> As frequency rises, current penetration becomes less (inversely
> proportional to square root of the frequency). I don't think nervous
> responses play any part in this.
> Malcolm

It would be quite an incredible coincidence if, due to the skin 
effect, the limits of human hearing were the same as the limits of 
human cardiac electrocution. (which is certainly the case)   It is 
readily apparent that the electrocution potential drops off 
drastically beyond 18khz- its definitely not a linear function.

The proof of my assertion might make a fascinating parlor game or 
exercise for those of you in academia teaching freshman physics or 
biology.   Rob.