Re: Addendum-DC Tesla

[I saw in magazine, I believe Electronics and Wireless World, that 
somebody is developing integrated circuit technology based on field 
emmision.  Basically extremely small vacuum tubes 
photolithographically made on some substrate.  Because the geometries 
are so small, field emmision occurs at very low voltages (remember 
freshman physics- equation for E between two plates) comparable to TTL 
supply voltages.  Thus no filament is needed.
   Because carrier is electrons, very high speed is possible. and high 

Back to the DC generated by Tesla coils:  there are many 
possibilities, notwithstanding electrochemical and the imbalance of 
ions around the conductor due to the work function of the metal to air 
interface. Remember the work function for ejecting electrons occurs in 
a vacuum in vacuum tubes, and occurs in solid state systems- 
semiconductor junctions, so its not too crazy to believe that it 
occurs between metal and some component of intermediate density 
between vacuum and solid.