Re: Higher Voltage Pole Pig

Hi Bert,
         You wrote....

> A while back, Malcolm described a system whereby he planned to put a 
> fixed gap across a rotary to prevent the gap voltage from becoming too 
> great under worst-case misfire conditions.

I'm hoping to give this idea a test run this weekend. The rotary speed
will be about 2 - 2.5 breaks per 1/2 mains cycle. I haven't got the 
speed control electronics housed yet. I will be doing it with the 
only transformer I have at the mo (12kV 60mA neon) so watch for smoke 
signals :) I also want to give my plate cap a thrashing and try a
comparison between big bangs/slower break and higher break/small 
bangs. It won't be a really definitive test however. Like all good 
experimenters I need a decent lab, piles of time and more variation
in transformer choice.
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