Re: RF Interference : HELP!!!

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> Bill discusses Tesla Generator blow up.

> Less devices to soak up that power, though.  Is that how Tesla blew the
> generator in Colorado Springs?  Or didn't he use fuses?  Did he use fuses?
> Some of his safety methods seem frightening to me by todays standards (i.e.,
> OSHA).
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In My book on Tesla's 1899 Colorado work, I note that he burned the power 
company's generator out not by overload, but by RF induction on the 
power lines.  Tesla states this quite clearly in the CSN.  The RF energy 
reflected back down the line, faulted the insulation (cotton) on the 
generators.  The resulting internal shorts within the generator caused it 
to burn up from internal loading generated by the short.  The generator 
burned itself up!

  Tesla was actually, very lightly loading the power company when this 
happened and his magnifier resonator was not even running or hooked up!! 
 Fuses would not have helped at the power company or the CSL.  Tesla was 
just arcing the secondary of his driver to ground and the 3' long arc 
from the driver sent massive amounts of RF energy back down the line.

Richard Hull, TCBOR