Re: Safety FAQ-discharge classification

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> Richard,
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> I have a photograph of my coil (color, 35 mm) which shows the banjo effect
> quite nicely.  In fact, there is a spiraling spark which looks like a ribbon
> of banjo sparks.  I used a time exposure and you can count the channels.  Is
> that related to the break of the gap?  Is my gap set up right?  I was using
> a hemisprical head as that is all I had.  I had a small torroid underneath
> and the hemisphere on top to increase the top capacitance.  Wish I could
> scan it in for you folks to see...
> Later,
> *** Magic Bill ***


Each banjo string is a firing of the spark gap or discharge of the tank 
cap.  Your gap is probably OK.

Richard Hull, TCBOR