Hi everybody. It's the first time I send a message to this list.
I am sorry if I make any mistake.

I work for CEPEL, the Brazilian Federal Research Center in Electrical 
Energy. I am the representant of CEPEL in the TC13 Group
(Electrical and Electronic Equipment for Energy Measurement and Load
Management) of Brazilian Standard Association (ABNT). Presently, this group is 
finishing the draft for an Watthour Electronic Meter Standard and some 
Brazilian Utilities are considering to include Tesla Coil as a EMC
test equipment. However, we were advised that Tesla Coil will also produce 
X-ray and probably will injure the operators. Besides, It also produces RFI which
can be agaist broadcasting regulations.
Does anybody can help me. I would like to receive comments and references
(books, papers, ...) regarding this subject.

Julio Pimentel.

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  missed it. -- Chip]