Modern coils


It is very gratifying to see the modern coilers (post 1990) having a 
first coil which performs quite well.  I attribute this to the work of 
the TCBA in the 1980s-todate, and the internet info explosion recently.  
Never has there been more good solid information available on 
coils..... or anything for that matter!

Modern coilers have a cornucopia of scources of info, materials and 
fellow coilers to communicate with.  Old information contained in the 
early books has been put to the test, and much of it just doesn't stand 
up to modern practices or materials.  The older material is interesting 
from an acrhival point of view and gives a sense of history to us all, 
but isn't worth much to those seeking performance.

The proper standard is now being applied!  Instead of heresay and rumor, 
coupled with mindlessly repeated practices of yore, we have proof 
positive via videos, photos, and cross communication via the internet and 
TCBA NEWS.  The true researchers and experimenters have now seemed to  
replace the mindless builder mentality.  

Chip has now taken on a mantle much as Harry Goldman has in the past and 
moderates the best source of "instant gratification" Tesla coil building 
information in the land.  Thanks are owed to both he and Harry for the 
effort which few of us would mount ourselves.

Local groups are popin' up and naming themselves after their town or 
state to hold local monthly meetings to compare notes in person.  Some 
are even hosting yearly get togethers as a focus for regional activities 
involving Tesla coil and related activities.

Things are lookin' better every day guys!

Richard Hull, TCBOR