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>|Subject: Re: Rebuilding a neon
>|> Subject: Rebuilding a neon
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>Subject: Re: Rebuilding a neon
>I am currently in the process of rebuilding a jefferson 12/60.  I got the 
>core out by the following method:
>1.  Place outer core on top of two cement blocks so that straight section is 
>free to drop.
>2.  Tie 2 ropes around straight core piece to hold it and the windings when 
>the whole thing drops.
>3.  Get a round punch with a flat end  (about 1/2" ).
>4.  Place the punch on one end of the straight piece just inside the outer 
>core and hammer a little.
>5.  Do the same thing at the other end of the straight core piece.
>6.  Keep going back and forth until the center piece comes out (it is very 
>7.  Put the windings in an ultrasonic cleaner with a solvent that dissolves 
>tar (toluene worked for me).
>8.  After about 10 sessions (2-4 hours each with fresh solvent) in the 
>ultrasonic cleaner they will be
>     ready to coat with insulation.
>9.  I used red glyptol because it worked fine in my rebuilt 12/30 france.  I 
>layed the winding on some
>      flat screen to let it drip.  I brushed the red glyptol into the 
>windings until it began dripping out
>      the other side and then stopped until it dried.  I kept doing this 
>until the red glyptol stopped
>      dripping out the other side.  I put on just enough more to fill up to 
>the edge of the paper.  Then
>      the winding is turned over and this side is filled up to the edge of 
>the paper also.  The finished
>      winding thus produced was as hard as a brick.  When I get to my third 
>transformer (15/60
>       jefferson) I will try slow curing epoxy to see if the coil can be 
>coated without the formation of
>       bubbles.
>10.  Then solder 40 kv wire (or whatever is handy hv wire) to fine coil lead 
>wire and wrap lead and
>        entire winding with 1/2" wide kapton tape using generous overlaps.
>11.  For the 12/30 france I used 1/16" teflon sheet in place of the original 
>mica sheets between the
>       coil and core after reassembly.
>I havent put the core back into the 12/60 jefferson yet.  I plan to do it 
>the same way that I took it out
>with a hammer and round punch.  I will let you know if I am successful.
>                                        Barry
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Barry (and others)

Thanks to all for the info on rebuilding my Jefferson neon.
I tried knocking out the straight core piece with a punch and
hammer but it wouldn't budge. Only succeeded in damaging the top
lamination. So I disassembled the main core layer by layer and about
half way through everything slid apart.
The red glyptol as a coating sounds interesting. Where can I get some
of this stuff? I had put a couple coats of polyurethane on to protect
the windings and was thinking about using RTV or hot glue to insulate 
it from the core.
I also removed 3 shunts from each side to boost output. I have not
put the thing back together yet. Hopefully will get it together this
Mike Hammer