Re: doorknob capacitor

Tesla List wrote:
> > Subject: doorknob capacitor
> >   Could any of you brave souls help me out?
> Roderick,
> Doorknobs, like neon sign transformers, are doomed in Tesla service!!!
> The bypass service is kinder too them, but the value of yours is a bit
> high!  100pf might be better.  The RF slowly eats out a ring of silver
> around the terminal and the terminal no longer is in contact with the
> silver plate inside.  Thus, as the caps are used, their value drops as
> more and more silver is vaporized and less and less active area of the
> plates remains.  I've cut these open and seen this with my own eyes and
> know this as a fact!
> Richard Hull, TCBOR

  Well I guess I'll have to use a poly cap instead!