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> Subject: earth resonance
> I have a couple questions about Tesla's work with earth
> resonance.  It seems that in his Colorado Springs work he
> somehow produced a frequency (8hz, 16hz) that resonated
> perfectly withe earths natural resonance and produced
> remarkable results.  How did he produce a wave of that
> incredibly low frequency?  Has anyone experimented with
> earth resonance?  If so, could you please forward as much
> information as possible about it.
> Another question...  He also used salt water/glass
> capacitors which I've heard from several people have high
> losses.  Well if he used them and obtained the results he
> did then why is everyone moving to new age plastics.  I
> think one of the reasons that many of his ideas and
> inventions have not been replicated is that we have been
> blinded by modern day technology and techniques.
> I recently made an air driven rotary gap that works better
> then my previous motor driven gap.  Plus it doubles to
> quench the spark simultaneously.  I suggest that some
> should try an air driven instead of motor driven.  I was
> able to achieve faster speeds as well.
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> Chris Wezyk
> wezman-at-acpub.duke.edu
> [ If someone could clear up the question of earth resonance (how it was
>   produced), I would appreciate it.  It would help me resolve the
>   question of whether it is tesla coil related or not. -- Chip ]

	Could you describe the construction of this air driven rotary
gap of yours.

D. Gowin