Re: Brush spark gaps

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> Date: Thu, 29 Aug 96 07:43 EDT
> From: Bob Schumann <tesla-at-america-dot-com>
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> Subject: Brush spark gaps
> I recently bought some huge carbon brushes
> at ane electronic surplus store. They have
> a flat surface of about 3" X 2".
> I was wondering if it is feasable to employ
> these as a spark gap. It seems to me that
> the surface could take a 'hit' very well.
> Bob Schumann


The brushes are usable, but contribute to losses in the primary tank 
circuit.  They pit terribly and are just generally one of the worst 
choices for electrodes.  I'd rather use two 10 penny nails it I had a 
choice.  They will work though.  Tungsten is the #1 choice!

Richard Hull, TCBOR