Re: Help in calculations

>I tend to side with
>the theory that letting the tank circuit capacitor decide when
>Vmax occurs is best. When the voltage peaks (meaning the cap is
>fully charged and the line voltage rises due to the reduction in
>current flow into the capacitor), the static gap should fire if
>it is properly adjusted. The peak power should be delivered if
>the gap is rapidly quenched after firing. 

Hi Richard,

What are your thoughts on this subject with regard to pole pig powered systems?
 Not having gotten into this myself yet, I've been wondering if you'd ever run
into problems with an asynchronous rotary gap going in and out of phase with
the charge time of the caps.  I.E. the caps occasionally reaching Vmax when the
rotary's gaps are not aligned for firing.  Have you or others here ever heard
any "beating" in your rotaries or noted any in the coil's output?  I realize
that rotaries are the norm on larger systems due to quenching problems with
static gaps, but if some sort of "super" quenching static gap was possible
would this be ideal? (in terms of always allowing Vmax...I realize that this is
theoretical and might not be practically possible)   

Charles Brush