Re: tesla coils

 -=> Quoting Joe Perulero to Mark Graalman <=-

 JP> i  have mylar film 0.014 inch thick , poletheylene 0.05 inch thick .Do
 JP> you  absolutely need to submerge them in transformer oil?
 MG> Yes, Joe they have to be in oil if you expect to get any life out of them
 MG> but it doesn't have to be transformer oil, it can be mineral oil,
 MG> castor oil, and some have even used motor oil. I use an oil marketed
 MG> by Texaco called Regal oil R&O #46, it acually is repackaged transformer
 MG> oil sold as turbine oil and it works very well. It comes in 5 gallon
 MG> cans and sells for about $22.00 for the 5 gallon container.
 MG>  I would use the polyetheylene for the capacitors, I wanted to try 
 MG> mylar a few years back, I talked to an engineer at the Plastic Capacitor
 MG> Corporation and he said that mylar is a good material for L.V. Low
 MG> Frequency A.C. caps or H.V. DC capacitors but Mylar "doesn't like" 
 MG> H.V. A.C. and would most likely melt, so I never tried it. But the poly
 MG> works very well.
 JP> I like to build flat plate capacitors!
 MG> Thats all I've ever built, but the rolled style do work well!
 JP> I am having trouble fine tuning the capacitor to the right resonant
 JP> value  to get my coil moving which is around 0.0032uf.
 MG> If the capacitor is faily close to the required/desired value, tuning
 MG> should be accomplished by adjustment of the primary coil. Are you sure
 MG> the primary coil tuning range will cover the frequency of secondary?
 MG>  The primary coil/capacitor resonant frequency should cover that of the
 MG> secondary coil with the primary taped at AT LEAST 5 turns and 
 MG> preferably more, like 8 to maybe 10 or 12 turns.
 JP> I have an 
 JP> instrument  that measures capacitance and it tells me that i am at this
 JP> value but the  capacitor buzzes and sort of works but when compared to a
 JP> high voltage  industrial cap I have of 0.003 uf it doesn't work nearly
 JP> as good.? why is this ?
 MG> Hard to answer, I don't know how your cap is built. Could be you have
 MG> a poor dielectric, corona losses, poor plate connections limiting the
 MG> maximum current discharge capability, leakage losses, etc. etc.
 JP> I would appreciate any help you can give and any complete plans you
 JP> may  have of building tesla coil systems !!
 JP> Best regards
 JP> Joe Perulero
 MG> I hope I've given you some things to check into, to think about.
 MG> I don't have any "Tesla coil plans" per se' but I think maybe
 MG> Richard Quick could help you out there and/or point you in the right
 MG> direction.

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 MG> 71612.1234-at-compuserve-dot-com

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