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>Subject:       Re: T.C. Phone Home
>Malcolm asks;
>>Question : to what was the coil earthed? Also, were you effectively 
>>using the building reinforcing as a strike return path?

>The bottom of the secondary is tied to a #0000 welding cable 15 feet 
>long.  This cable connects to a ten foot long galvanized commercial 
>ground rod driven into the ground just outside of my test room.  
>Overhead strike wires  below my overhead lighting circuits, and 2 inch
>grid chicken wire mesh strike shield spaced 2 inches away from the 
>one inside wall adjoining the rest of the building  also tie in to this common
>ground point.  Aside from the meshed wall, two walls and the roof are 
>sheet metal.  Since I have installed my strike wires and mesh I 
>hardly ever actually hit the metal building walls directly. The fourth wall to
>the test room is a giant wooden door which alllows a full 12 foot high coil
>system to be wheeled outside for more serious high power tests. 
> My 
>AC service ground is not tied to my TC secondary/strike ground, it has its
>own ground rod 30 feet away at the other end of the building where the AC mains 
>come in underground, and where the overhead telephone lines come in and have 
>their ground protection carbon blocks tied to the AC ground.   
	I'm going to resuggest a magnetic influence in light of your
grounding system.  I am assuming here, that you do have RFI filters in
the power line to your TC.

	If you have a portable cassette system, have someone listen to
it with a blank tape installed while you run your TC. Also try an AM
radio tuned to a "quiet" portion of the band.