Re: Help in calculations

On Tue, 23 Apr 1996 08:30:09 +0700, tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com, you

>My question(s) to the group are for help in trying to determine the 
>voltage across the primary capacitor at any time "t". My problem is how 
>to handle the current limiting / impedance of the neon and how to fit 
>this into the classical capacitor charging time constant.
	I'd suggest that you treat the neon as a current source. No
hard info here, just WAG.

> Also if I know the the 
>maximum voltages to which I can get the cap charged, it becomes trivial 
>to determine if additional fires per half cycle will gain any increase in 
>power transfer.
power available:	15kV * 0.120 =  1.8KVA
power used:	
		1/2 * c  *  V^2 * pps =
		.5 * 0.021*10^-6 * (0.707 * 15kV)^2 * 120 = 142 watts!
>Why do all this? Basically I believe that bigger discharges can be wrung 
>out of neons and this may be one way of doing it.
 You are only using 12.7% of the power available in your neon. You
should be able to increase the firing rate by a factor of 10. However
the LC time constant of the neon secondary may limit this. Combine
this with the first and last 45 degrees of each half cycle being low
voltage may limit the total power that you can extract.
>My present system using the above mentioned components and a .021 cap 
>delivers 54" point to point discharges. Since I have gone to the 
>synchronous gaps I have not blown up any more neons or capacitors either.
>I would appreciate any help that anyone in the group can offer.