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>Subject: polyethylene coil form

>Hi All,

>I have come across a source of polyethylene pipe 4.5 inches diameter with
>0.5 inch wall thickness.  Would this be any better or easier to prepare for
>use as a secondary coil form than PVC?  The cost is comparable to the PVC
>that I have priced.


>Harry Adams


I don't think it would
perform noticeably better than 3/16ths inch thick PVC in the 4 to 4-1/2 inch
diameter range for a TC secondary that you could notice in performance

I know you don't have much new construction up your way, so salvaging 
scraps of PVC from a new subdivision jobsite is not that easy.  Tell 
you what, if you come visit this other one of apparently only three 
Ontario Coilers that have computers, I'll gladly give you what you 
need in PVC, 4-1/4 inch OD.  I'll get Jeff Wiggins here too and we'll 
have a real electric time!

Happy coiling!, rwstephens