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> Subject: polyethylene coil form
> Hi All,
> I have come across a source of polyethylene pipe 4.5 inches diameter with
> 0.5 inch wall thickness.  Would this be any better or easier to prepare for
> use as a secondary coil form than PVC?  The cost is comparable to the PVC
> that I have priced.
> Regards
> Harry Adams
> adams-at-intranet.ca

Greetings Harry,

   Be careful with the polyethylene pipe.  I recently wound a secondary 
on 10.5" polyethylene sewer pipe.  Didn't even think about the color of 
it.  Unfortunately, it was black, and it conducts.

   You might want to pass the the polyethylene pipe up if it is balck.


        Jim Watson

PS  I also built a smaller coil out of 4.25" PVC.  I get 18" - 24" arcs 
consistently, with an occasional longer arc.