Re: Pole Pigs

Hello Dave,

> I have a couple of questions about pole pigs. What sizes are typically
> available? I want to limit my power to 5-10 kva. Just how big are these
> things (dimensions and weight)?

All sizes are available from 5 KVA and up.  10 KVA is a good size to choose.
It is about as big as you would want to go.  Even if you wanted more power,
you can easily overdrive a 10 KVA unit without problem.  They are
conservatively rated.  Mine is 24" tall by 16" in diameter.  The 2 high
voltage bushing stick up an additional 12" on top.  The weight is probably
about 250 lbs.  They are not small.  Most 10 KVA units are smaller than mine.
The case size depends on the manufacturer.

They can be purchased from transformer rebuilders for under $300.  A warranty
is included.  Here is a short list of suppliers with the best prices:

Solomon Corporation, P. O. Box 245, Solomon, KS 67480
Watts: (800) 243-2867 Tel (913) 655-2191 Fax (913) 655-2502
Supplier of power distribution (pole pig) transformers.
<tip from Scott Myers>

T & R Electric, P. O. Box 180, Colman, SD 57017
Watts (800) 843-7994  <tip from Scott Myers>
Supplier of power distribution (pole pig) transformers.

H&H Transformer Inc. (303) 289-2802
Denver area pole pigs, tip by Chip Atkinson

Make sure you know what configuration you want before calling.  Otherwise you may
be a little confused by their questions.  May I suggest a 14,400 primary/240 VAC
secondary, Delta (2 bushing) configuration.  It is commonly available.  If you want
a higher voltage, you may have to go with a custom wound unit, which will cost a bit

If you don't want to buy one, they can sometimes be obtained surplus from
municipalities.  I had no luck here.  All I got was the usual "liability" dogma
speech.  I am glad I paid for mine anyway.  It looks new and has a warrranty.

Scott Myers