Re: ATTN: Coilers -at- Dayton

Hello All,

Kevin Conkey wrote,

> Paging everybody that is going to the Dayton Hamfest!!
>   I was wondering who all is showing up, and is there a consencus on where
> and when there will be a meeting or get together?

I would like to suggest that we meet at a restaurant/sports bar called Roosters.
It is a relaxed and fairly popular place and has Dayton's best wings, by far.
It is within 5-10 minutes of the Hara and is probably not too well known by the
visitors to the Dayton Area.  I can e-mail a map (.jpg) out.

The next question becomes when do we meet?  In the evening before?  Lunch?
Saturday evening?  Breakfast?  The evening before sounds like a good time.
If the breakfast meeting is chosen, Roosters is out of course.

Let's decide before the date arrives so many of us can meet.  Since these messages
can clog the list, please respond directly to me and I will post a report or 2 on
the responses recieved and where the meeting will take place.  Feel free to vote on
where you might want to meet, or at least a venue.  Roosters is merely a suggestion.

Scott Myers