Variable Resistor

Quoting wl-god-tw-at-society-dot-com:

> I have been having a problem because of blown fuses.  My
> variac is rated at 120V, 7.5A.  My transformer runs at ups that
> to 15000V, 60mA, so when I have the variac at 100V, the 
> transformer tries to draw 9A and blows the 8A fuse in the 
> variac.  I thought I could use a variable resistor in it's 
> place. 

If the variac is rated 7.5A and you are blowing a 8A fuse in
intermittent use then bump the fuse value up to 10 or 12A. It
should not be a problem for run times of a minute or two.

If 10A and 12A fuses are still blowing then invest in some oil
filled AC motor capacitors and place them across the line going
into the neon. Neons that are not internally power factor
corrected will draw twice the apparent power (as the fuse or
breaker sees it) as it is putting out to the coil. A few dozen
uF of power factor correction (capacitors placed across the
transformer primary coil) will reduce the apparent line draw down
to manageable levels.

Richard Quick

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