Re: Tesla coil specs.

I read Marks reply with interest, I want to lower the frequency of my
secondary. I had picked up that more than
1000 turns was a waste and that thicker wire was best. Which would mean
large diameter. But the only former to hand is 4" PVC pipe.
At present 1600 turns 0.4mm wire. 26awg
 Now should I go thinner wire say 0.3mm(29awg) and 2000 turns, 60cm high, 2
Or stick with 0.4mm wire 2000 turn 80cm high. ). Or even thinner 3000 turns of
I'm not expecting huge voltages and it will help me a lot if I get the frequency

down. (FET driver). I'm willing to trade some efficency for higher inductance.

New chips check out OK - without the FETs.

Have fun,
Alan Sharp UK

>I have noticed no better performance by going to thicker wire.  Better 
>performance seems to always have come from the coils with the highest 
>inductance.  However, there are practical limitations with this.  While 
>close-winding #30 wire will give you a whopping inductance, the coil would not 
>be tall enough to withstand the voltages.