Re: Capacitor plastic thickness

Richard Hull Wrote:

Actually, the use of multiple layers of thinner dielectric is better from a
number of standpoints.  Did you realize that the pros only use a total of
about 15 mils of plastic to stand off 70,000 volts in their caps!  But there 

is a gottcha.  The pros tend to use 1 mil dielectric and wind 15 caps which
they put in series.  This is the ideal way of handling high voltages in any
cap design.  You would be winding til the cows come home, though.  1 mil
dielectric can't be handled by hand winding (machines needed).

With 23 pieces of 4 mil poly you have the increased risk of trapped air
bubbles... 23 times to be exact.  I have never done what you propose, but
you might try it and let us know what happens.  That's a lotta plastic
        Do you know what techniques are used by the commerical cap
makers in removing air bubbles? (read: any good tricks not
commonly known)

 -Ed Harris