Re: TC Secondary Electrostatic Charge

Hi everyone,
             About a month ago we had a discussion on this topic and 
Jim Fosse wrote....

> It's probably related to the Electric effect (sp). Take a suitable
> polar molecule, melt it, apply an electric field, allow the compound
> to solidify with the electric field across it. The Electric(sp) is the
> electrostatic equivalent of a permanant magnet.

A couple of questions regarding hot-melt (glue sticks). Firstly, are 
any of the plastic components of hot melt polar? And secondly, has 
anybody tried using hot melt for potting components (i.e. immersing 
say, a primary choke into a pool of hot melt)? If so, how well did it 
work? I'm wondering whether this stuff's more versatile than I've 
previously realized.