Re: Welders

I picked up my variable inductor (welder) this weekend.I was originally going
to pick up a Century 225 amp lever action welder. When I got there, I found
out that they now carry the Century 'PowerDisk'. This is the one I believe
Scott has. It allows you
to vary the current while it is powered up! It has a wheel connected to a
screw that connects to a shunt that moves in and out of the core. I got this
from a store called TSC (Tractor Supply Company) for $198. You can save $50
in shipping getting this local.

I own a decent MIG welder, so I have no use for this thing as a welder. I
have removed the xfmr from the box and I am mounting it in my Tesla coil
control unit (equiptment cabinet from an old VAX mainframe).

I have a couple questions for the group. How far can you push the current
through one of these? (the welder draws 50 amps I believe) I am planning on
using lots of forced air cooling around it. My second question is, Where
should I direct the air flow? at the coil section, at the core, or attach
heatsinks to it and cool the heatsinks? And finally my 3rd question, I am
using a centrifical (large squirrel cage type) blower (1 for the welder core,
and one for my variac), does it matter if blow air past it (outlet pointing
to inductor) or sucking air from it (inlet twords inductor). The fan and
inductor will be in its own chamber within my cabinet.

                Kevin M. Conkey