Re: Welders

DELCOKEVIN-at-aol-dot-com wrote:

>My second question is, Where should I direct the air flow? 
>at the coil section, at the core, or attach heatsinks to it 
>and cool the heatsinks? And finally my 3rd question, I am
>using a centrifugal (large squirrel cage type) blower (1 for 
>the welder core,and one for my variac), does it matter if 
>blow air past it (outlet pointing to inductor) or sucking 
>air from it (inlet twords inductor). The fan and inductor 
>will be in its own chamber within my cabinet.
>                 Kevin M. Conkey

Hi Kevin:
    I would suggest that the air flow would do the best job 
directed toward the coil section.  The heat will start there 
and then transfer to the core, so why not catch it where it 
starts.  The outlet should be directed toward the coil (or 
core, which ever you choose).  If you have the inlet 
positioned toward the core it will obtain the air from a 
rather large area, basically a 180 degree arc with the inlet 
as the center point.  Only a portion of the air would be 
coming from directly across the inductor, while you could 
direct almost 100% of the fan output directly at the 
inductor.  My opinion, for what it is worth.  Good luck on 
your installation, sounds like a great cabinet!  I also have 
a Century Welder, but the lever action adjustment model, so I 
hope to get into it too yet this month.

Chuck Curran