Re: Gluing Plastics

>        Does anyone know what solvent can be used for gluing/welding 

I'de say you would be hard up for a decent solvent, though Ime sure
there must be some adhesives avaliable.

What is the join you are attempting? Lexan is highly machinable and the 
use of bolts ect, even nylon ones isnt out of the question. It can be
drilled and tappep with a thread, though care must be taken. Despite
the 'industructible' reputation of PC, it is still a material which 
can fracture during machining.  High drill speeds are recommended. 
If the application is a L1/L2 insulator, I think youde be better of with
wraps of HDPE,LDPE or PP.

Goddamn' dielectrics!


ps. Anyone made bypass caps from P-66?