Bi-Polar, twin coil magnifier.

Hi coil freaks,

I  would like to experiment with a twin 'interphasing' coil system. It would
seem that in an ordinary 'one tank' with two out of phase matched secondaries
the transmition lines from the 'hub' of the tank to the secondaries will 
create a lot of off axis inductance. Ed Wingate does remarkably well with 13kVA
to get P-P discharges of 15', and probably closer to 20' with convolutions in
the arc taken into account. This is with 40' of off-axis RF transmission line
in circuit!
MY QUESTION....Can this be done even better 'magnifier style'? A bi-polar driver
has one problem for me. There is no RF ground reference in the 'standard' 
configuration. Would it be beneficial to centre tap a bi-polar magnifier
driver to ground, or would it be best left in a floating arrangment.

Just speculating...Anybody?????