Commercial gaps.

Hi Folks,

Like Ive said before if you want a 'pro' gap get one from Ed Wingate. His 
gaps are of high quality construction and manufactured from high grade 
materials. I have a "wingate' rotor and it was well worth the bucks!

>Your comments about the lack of markets for spark gaps isn't quite correct.
>number of companies world wide have been manufacturing spark gaps
>for many years.  The major American manufacturers are Josyln, C.P. Clare,
>and MPD. The main market for these has been in surge protection equipment.
>In addition to spark gaps, there are interrupters and switches manufactured
>Seimens, Cooper Industries, and others.  These devices are used in Utility
>Switch Gear.
>The Thyratron is another type of high speed long life switch that has been
>produced for years by Litton Industries, ITT, and EG&G.  I have never heard
>anyone using a Thyratron in a Tesla Coil, but it certainly seems feasible.
>A number of years ago, I used a high voltage Ignitron in a research project. 
>The device was rated at 50 kV and was capable of handling many kA.  One nice 
>thing about the Ignitron was it's virtual indistructability.  It could be
>completly renewed by simply cooling the reservior and heating the anode.
>device was manufactured by EEV, a British company, but other manufacturers
>included Westinghouse, and GE.  Does anyone use Ignitrons today?