secondary coatings...


The coating that I used is called 

Super Gloss 
Build 50

by Behr.

I got it at the hardware store. (Hugh M. Woods, aka Payless Cashways)
It is in two paint cans, shrink wrapped together.  The can wrappers are
orange.  The stuff is stocked in the varnish section, right next to the
poly urethane.  The potential problems are bubbles, which didn't seem to 
make much of a difference for me, and annular bulges.  The bulges appear 
if you don't get the coating on evenly and the form is turning.  I would
recommend using Build 50 as an outer coating unless you feel confident 
in your abilities to apply it smoothly and evenly.  I ended up with some 
bulging, but it doesn't detract from the over all appearance.  It would 
however cause problems if one used it to seal a pvc pipe.  This would make
the windings irregular and probably cause the top coat to be very lumpy 
as the stuff on the underlying bulges would probably climb to the top 
of the bulges as the form turned.  Nevertheless, I still recommend 
Build 50 since it goes on in one coat and is quite tough and hard.

Chip Atkinson