Hi everyone,
	I am now in a position to offer this group an ultimate chance.  To
use the most advanced materials currently available to build the best possible
Tesla Coil.  By this I mean diamond insulation, superconducting coils, and

	I personally know almost nothing about High Powered Electronics, but
I am studying.  I teach computer graphics and give consultation to scientist
here in japan in both academic and corporate on how to develope state of the
art visualization software.  I also work very closly (as a result of the
above) with material scientists who are at the outer edge of everything.  I
have gotten permission to use some of their resources to do this project.  So
now I am giving you the chance to design the best possible superconducting
coil ever, with advance materials.  There will be only one TC built and all
things about it will be public domain.  We can produce these coils at
"almost" any size and configuration.  However, I am not looking to build one
20 stories tall either.  My idea is to build the most compact coil ever built
that can handle input voltages in the millions at very high amperes.  After
all it is superconducting.

	So what do you think?