Re: Transformer info

>Glenn, do you have any idea what a xformer like this is originally
>built for?
>I haven't heard of anything like it before and another source of
>xformers would be great.
>Mark R. Napier
It was an older gent who sold it to me.  He said it came from
a company that did small batch heat treating.  Actually I bought
a small (120v -at-20A) powerstat to run my neon with from him then I 
asked if he had any AC 300V meters.  He asked me what I was up to 
and when I told him, he took me to the back of his van and asked me
if I would be interested in this transformer.  A short story, a stern
caution, and a hundred clams later I trudged home with it.  Very nice 
man he is.....