1-atm plasma streamers

Ed Harris' work with inert gas Plaasma Globes at ambient pressure shows
that spark lengths are immensely increased in argon.  If I blow a stream
of argon at a tiny flyback TC, 5" sparks jump up the stream!  Without the
argon, the flyback will make a 1/8" corona and 1/4" sparks. 

This is about the same as discovering a gas that's conductive!

Anyone with a big coil and an argon supply (MIG/TIG welder?) might want to
try this:  If your TC can make 3ft sparks in air, it might send arcs down
the entire length of a 30ft clear tygon hose full of argon!  This should
make a neat demo: "Don't unplug that hose, it's not water (and then gouts
of 'electricity' come pouring out!)"   You could make a REAL Trek-style 
"plasma conduit"

If a stream of argon in a laminar air column is connected to a TC, the
arcs and corona should follow the argon in a straight line.  If this could
be made to occur over a long distance, the visible effect would be
identical to phasers on Trek (and if a DC source was then discharged
through it, it might constitute a REAL death ray!)  Of course this could 
be eaasily defended against: use a small fan to blow the argon stream 
around and make it go crazy.

If a smoke-ring box is used to launch invisible rings of argon at your
main terminal, might blazing DONUTS of corona appear as the vortex makes
contact?  And if the smoke-ring box were to launch a closely-spaced row of
argon rings, would the TC discharge leap from ring to ring and follow the
dotted line?  Such a device, if run off batteries with a loudspeaker as 
pulser and installed within a toroid, again might constitute a 'death ray.'

I can't try any of these, I don't currently own a big coil!  Note: argon
gives white discharges, neon should do orange.  ALRIGHT MEN, THEY'RE 

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