Re: Proven Design

>I like your idea of using .090 poly.  Then you should be able to use 
>capacitor by itself instead of in series.  I would guess it should be 
>for 12kv to 13kv operation.  By increasing the dielectric from .060 to 
>will decrease the capacitance by about 31% - this should drop the 
>.019 mfd value down to about .013.  This is using the full length 
sheet of
>8.0 feet.  Since you want .007 which is about 46% less than .013, I 
>think your plates should be about 44" long.
>Someone check my math here.
>Ed Sonderman

Thanks for the reply Ed.  I will take all the advice I can get
from folks like you.  Being new, I was not sure if I was 
calculating correctly when the length of the finished cap 
shrank down to below 4'.  I'd hate to roll up a cap just for the 
garbage man.
BTW, I tried to use an variable speed drill to wind the secondary.
It didn't work.  Got to chuckle about it though.  With all the antics
going on I'm sure the attempt looked pretty stupid.