Proven Design

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>Hello Chip,
>Thanks for passing that along.  I did read that part in
>Richards coilbld.zip instructional file.  Thats what I 
>will use to get going here.  The only thing I have left
>to ask is what specs The cap(s) should be rolled to for
>a .007ufd value.  I know that this is hit or miss for the
>most part, but an idea of roll length using 14" wide al 
>flashing and 90mil poly would be nice if possible.


I like your idea of using .090 poly.  Then you should be able to use this
capacitor by itself instead of in series.  I would guess it should be good
for 12kv to 13kv operation.  By increasing the dielectric from .060 to .090
will decrease the capacitance by about 31% - this should drop the standard
.019 mfd value down to about .013.  This is using the full length sheet of
8.0 feet.  Since you want .007 which is about 46% less than .013, I would
think your plates should be about 44" long.

Someone check my math here.

Ed Sonderman